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About Us

California Turntable is the #1 specialty shop for all your DJ gear. California Turntable carries everything from custom technics, to Technic 1200s accessories, and graffiti art supplies. You can visit California Turntable online or visit their local store located in Fullerton, California.


California Turntable is heavily focused on custom Technics and repair of DJ gear. Not a local customer? No worries, just make a toll free call and California Turntable will have your Technics 1200s customized or repaired, and returned within 48 hours.


When you visit California Turntable, you will immediately discover the largest turntable manufacturer in the world, Technics. Technics is well known for manufacturing the Technics 1200s series. We carry custom Technics, Technics 1200s LED kits, and other Technic 1200s accessories.


It’s not just DJ gear that you can find at the California Turntable DJ shop. California Turntable specializes in all aspects of the spectrum of the urban DJ culture. Nothing says hip hop more than graffiti art. You can shop both online and instore for a wide supply of graffiti art materials that include spray paint, streakers, and more!


There is always something going on at the local California Turntable DJ shop. You will come in for the DJ gear and stay for the scratch sessions. These are events where DJ’s and hip hop enthusiast can bring in their own DJ gear or try out our latest custom Technics 1200s to jam on. Make sure to ‘Like’ California Turntable on Facebook for the latest promotions and news happening at the #1 specialty shop for custom Technics, Technics 1200s accessories, and other DJ gear.